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  about Algonkian Writer Conferences

  The mission of this organization is to set writers on a realistic path to publication. Since the early 21st century, these events and workshops have successfully funded WebdelSol.Com and it's community of journals and writers.

WebdelSol.Com is still open and free to all of its readers and we aim to keep it that way.

Compared to other writer conferences, Algonkian is unique. The intense workshops include a syllabus and study guides that focus on structural and narrative techniques that can not only be successfully applied to upscale and literary fiction, but to genre fiction as well. The method used involves an examination of a large variety of craft forms and their applicability to each writer's work in progress.

In 2005, Algonkian Writer Conferences inaugurated the New York Pitch Conference. Since that time, and as Algonkian has gained in reputation with editors and agents, dozens of publications and agent contracts can be directly traced to the workshops and the pitch events.